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  • Homeopathy – what it is and is not

    Recent posts about homeopathy remind me of how confusing the differences between homeopathy, naturopathy and allopathic medicine can be – so I’ll try to explain what I know (which ain’t all that much, friends ;-).

    Allopathic medicine: basic western, AMA type, use antibiotics, etc.

    Naturopathic: this is using herbs according to their medicinal qualities, i.e. Echinacea, Gingco, Goldenseal etc,. full strength, in powder form, capsules, or teas.

    Homeopathy: a system of medicine and healing that attempts to stimulate the body to heal itself. It is a person-oriented approach (versus the Allopathic disease-oriented approach). It’s based on the Law of Similarities: like heals like. Also, the remedies are microscopic amounts – the total opposite of antibiotics!

    There are really two different ways to use Homeopathy. One is to find a homeopathic physician (not a D.O.; that’s Doctor of Osteopathy) who will spend a lot of time trying to discover a remedy that most perfectly matches the total person. That would be called a “constitutional remedy”. It is my understanding that if this is found, there can be some almost miraculous results; unfortunately, I’ve not gotten to see this firsthand.

    The other is to buy a home-kit of Homeopathic remedies, along with a good book to guide you, and use it as a combination first-aid kit as well as a trial basis for CF symptoms. The beauty of homeopathy is that you