Empress Barbi's Legendary Shake


I gained 31 lbs in 4 months, a female PWCF gained 10 lbs in 10 days (she is pancreatic sufficient), a male PWCF gained 10 lbs in 24 days (drinking 4 shakes a day). It works if you use it. I expect that anyone who sticks with it will see fairly reliable results. The key seems to be spacing it so you don’t overwhelm your system all at once.

I got quite a few responses asking for this. Some for themselves, some for their kids. So some statements may seem odd to the person who asked for themselves. If you asked for yourself…enlist someone as your cheerleader to remind you to drink your shakes or get an alarm watch and set it for when you want to drink the shakes.

    1 cup whole milk 1 packet Carnation Instant Breakfast (Vanilla) 2 Tbspn of Carnation evaporated milk

    2 Tbspn of Strawberry or Chocolate Quik

It is much better to mix it up in advance and let the foam settle out..then you aren’t trying to squeeze unneccessary foam in too. Also the colder it is the better it is. (Just because I prefer really cold milk myself). I am taking Ultrase MT18, 5 per shake. I don’t know what you guys will need personally. I base my enzyme usage on fat content of my food and than add one more pill for protein. 🙂 (great system, it works well for me.) I also take 1 Zantac 150 morning and night. Ask your Dr. if you aren’t already on an acid inhibitor or blocker. (Makes it much easier to do this when your pills are more effective. Stomach acid can make the pills less effective.)

I believe it equals out to 410 or so calories. It isn’t much “thicker” than drinking regular milk. You can add more ingrediants to get more calories but you may get too much protein which is bad for the kidneys. (sounds silly but I did it…of course I was on IVs at the time too, which may have had some bearing on it.) If you want to go with the higher protein mix, ask the Dr about getting a baseline protein output from the kidneys done (BUN blood test I believe) and then again after a week or two of drinking lots of shakes. To boost protein/calories add 1/2 cup of **dry** powdered milk. (This doesn’t add much volume compared to powdered milk that has already been mixed with water.) This will make the drink “thicker” (made me cough a lot too). It also adds quite a few more calories. (not sure how much now…but I think around a hundred?? hmmm..you’d have to look it up.) You can add another 2 Tbspns of evap milk too, as its mostly fat with some protein. I found that it wasn’t neccessary and I saw no reason to cough all the calories off that I was adding so I use the above formula and no additives. I only used the **added** dry milk formula for the first 2 weeks and stopped after high BUN counts. The formula listed above was no problem at all. Of course…size has some bearing on it…I’m only 5’2″..someone taller/weighing more could have a higher dose of protein probably.

I drink them 2 at time 4 or 5 times a day. (8-10 shakes) I have found that it isn’t that hard to do. Here’s my approximate time scheduling for them: I drink the first 2 when I wake up at about 5-6 am because I need to use the bathroom. I go back to sleep and then have 2 more when I wake up at around 10 am. I have 2 more for lunch at 12 pm. I have 2 more at around 3 pm. I have dinner at 6 or 7 pm. I have the last 2 shakes at bedtime. (If I dropped a set, it was usually the 3 pm one so my dinner appetite would be good) You can also do it hourly if needed instead. They can be kept in a cooler and taken with you too. That way you have snacks when out that are guarenteed good for you.

I also munched “fun” snacks from time to time during the day, not everyday and not often, but as a compliment to drinking the shakes. Things I liked, not things that were “forcing” more calories in. Sort of a reward for drinking the shakes. We tend to not get to eat all the stuff we like cause they aren’t high enough in calories…but this way the shakes make up the slack and I get to eat what I want, not what I’m supposed too. LOL! Drinking 10 a day and eating dinner should get you over 5000 calories a day.

It takes a bit of effort to push in that many at first cause the stomach needs to be stretched. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t get all 10 in at first. I felt “pregnant” because my tummy was so stretched out the first few days, but after that my body started getting used to it…lo and behold, my appetite started to come back. (assuming my body started to get used to the calories) It is a lot easier to fit all the shakes in if you can adjust the dinner time. I find I get the full 10 in if we eat later, so my family accommodated me.

We mix the shake up in batches of 6, using a hand mixer and bowl. (Faster than blender actually) We then pour them into the pop top gatorade bottles. They are the kind with the pop up lid that are similar to the water bottles people carry. I believe they are about 20 oz bottles. They are heavy duty plastic so they reuse well. A word of advice: Rinse them right away after drinking the contents, even if you don’t clean them right away, cause sour milk is nasty. 🙂 We actually make up 3 days of shakes at a time. Its just milk and it can sit in shake form as easily as it can in milk form. Just shake the gatorade container before drinking in case it separates a little.

One last thing…In my own experience, I have never gained and kept weight unless it was **MY** idea. I have to want it and be willing to put the effort into it. Must know why its so important to gain, or it will be an uphill battle. I know this seems like a lot of work, but this will work well for you. But if you have to fight (kids) every step of the way…8 to 10 shakes is a lot to get down someone. 🙂 Be prepared to push somewhat, when we are “full” we don’t want to drink more, but the first few weeks you have to really try to get them all down.

The reward for me was getting to go buy 501’s for the first time in my life. I always had to wear 701’s before and had trouble finding a size that fit in high school. I now actually have some curves!!! I think it was worth it. AND as a bonus my Fev1 has increased 10%! After watching a PWCF wait almost 4 years for TX, its good to have a gain instead of a loss for a change. More weight = more muscle = better ability to move your lungs = better breathing! (Or so they explained it to me.) I also don’t get sick as often!! YEA!

Think I covered everything….Anymore questions…feel free to ask! Let me know how it goes. Keep a chart by the scale (buy a good scale…health-o-meter has an electronic one that measures to half pound increments. It is only about $40 or $50.) …do a morning and evening weigh everyday. Its fun to see a new “high” number at days end from time to time. And after you see it at days end on a regular basis…it ends up being the moring number soon after! Its good motivation! Good Luck! Let the fattening up begin!