Knowledge Is Power

READ THIS!  This Handbook contains general information and opinions intended to provide a general orientation to Cystic Fibrosis for participants on CYSTIC-L. While you may wish to discuss these matters with your physician, THE FOLLOWING IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE! Please do not start, stop, or change treatments or practices in any way before discussing its applicability to your particular case with a trusted physician (ALL CASES ARE DIFFERENT!).

This Handbook is long; many people prefer to print it before reading (also see Introduction for information on getting new updates of this Handbook by downloading them for F R E E, or buying printed or disk copies).

First and foremost, heartfelt thanks to ANTONY DUGDALE who created CYSTIC-L in February, 1994, and served as List-Owner through April, 1997; without CYSTIC-L none of the sharing we find so nourishing would be possible. Many subscribers to CYSTIC-L have contributed to this document in one way or another (e.g., much of the material has been excerpted from notes on CYSTIC-L). Volunteers who prepared significant portions specifically for this Handbook include: Ron Trueworthy, Edi Hiltebrand, Dannon E. Baker, Agnes L. Haviland-Moore, Cheryl Reynolds, Robert Calhoun, Dr. Henry C. Ryley, Leon Down, Barbara Palys, Melinda Timmermans, Brenda Morey, Lori L. Morris, Sonya E. Steinback, Buck Bell, Richard Young, Roe Ann Roberts.