Notes on Intravenous Antibiotics


Choramphenecol may be dangerous to stay on longer than a month or so at a time; blood tests required every 2 weeks; no longer manufactured in the US, when needed for sensitive organisms, it has to come from Mexico where it is still made. First person account: “I am one of the few people in the population who suffered severe optic neuropathy from prolonged use of Choramphenecol. I had been taking it since I was 2 and by the time I was 9, I was legally blind. Symptoms: Loss of depth perception; Blue/Brown and Red/Green color inversions; the illusion of insufficient light at all times; your kid keeps edging closer to the tv without noticing; field scitoma; slight lightening of the retina (otoscope); swelling of optic nerves (mri or ct scan). It can be treated with prednisone and heals in time, but not completely. I now have 20/25l, 20/40r. But at its worst, when I was 9, it was 20/865”

Fortaz is just another name for the antibiotic ceftazadime.

Merepenom is a newer form of ibipenem or primaxin and has been reported to cause diahrreah in some patients (as does ibipenem). However one parent says: “My son has been on Meropenam, for about 10 days now. He has had no problems with it in regard to stomach or diarrhea problems at all. He takes 700mg every 8 hours, push IV. I assume you are mixing the drug yourself, as I am, since the drug is extremely unstable and can only last a few hours after being mixed. My son is also on Cefoxitin push IV, and Ciproflaxin and Septa orally”