Posting Etiquette


1. Please read CYSTIC-L for awhile before posting (this will let you become familiar with the “tone” of the messages typically posted  here). Most posters strive to be inclusive, not exclusive; tolerant, not  judgmental; reasonable people reasonably disagreeing, not flamethrowers.  Behaving otherwise is very likely to be considered quite rude.

2. Limit on Number of Messages Posted Per Day. A maximum of 75 messages per day are sent to CYSTIC-L subscribers. Messages in excess of  the limit are automatically held until the next day unless the list owner releases the list prematurely (this is a rarity). This limit has been  requested by a majority of those on CYSTIC-L who voted after we experienced  a 50 post per day limit for some years.

To ensure that everyone is able to post, many people keep a “consolidated message” open as they read their mail and type their responses (along with relevant excerpts from the message to which they are responding) in this gradually larger message. Then once a day (or every other day if you can stand it!) they send the “consolidated message” to CYSTIC-L. Also, people often just reply directly to the person who sent the message they  want to reply to, IF they think their response wouldn’t be interesting to  the whole list.

So how does one keep a “consolidated message” open as you read your mail? Often email packages provide the means to do this. Another way is to open your wordprocessor in another window (assuming you are running Windows) and switch back and forth between the wordprocessor and the mail  program (copying quotes as appropriate).

It requires a fair amount of impulse control to manage this, but it does become habit over time! Even if you slip occasionally (as we all do), if  you do this routinely, it will be a big help!

3. Please check out the Cystic-L Handbook. You’ll find things you didn’t know, AND save CYSTIC-L from a lot of questions that have already been answered!!

4. Please avoid posting off-topic messages. Virtually anything is considered ON-TOPIC if it is related directly to the experience of CF in the larger sense (e.g., “my boyfriend freaked when he found out I had CF” is OK,  “My girlfriend is a freak” is not OK; “that political party is advocating a  policy bad for CFers” is OK, “that political party is bad” is not OK).

5. Please avoid short, “Me too” messages. Anyone who really wants to  send a message to the entire list should feel free to do so but it would be much appreciated if one or two-line messages of congratulations or personal support be sent only to the person involved. Any longer message,  even if it is personal, should freely be sent to the list (that is, if you don’t mind us all reading a personal letter!). But really short messages  that have little content beyond “Yay! Keep it up! Be strong! Happy  Birthday!” etc. can get quite frustrating.

6. When responding to a previous message please quote the relevant portion(s) of the message — but not the whole message (unless you are specifically responding to each statement in it). Unless you prefer  otherwise in a specific case, please also include the name of the person you are quoting. Inclusion of relevant quotes helps insure that the reader  of your message understands to who and what you are reacting.

7. Attachments – Please do not try to send attachments to email messages. They are stripped from emails distributed by Cystic-L to prevent the spread of viruses.  Instead post a note saying what you want to share and ask who would like to receive a copy of it.  Then send it to the email addresses of those  who wish to receive it. Alternatively, put the item on the web and then give the address where it reside in an email to Cystic-L.