This for-profit company sells products targeted at CFers: pancreatic enzymes (Ultrase), fat-soluble vitamin supplements (ADEKS) including pediatric drops, nutritional supplements (ScandiShake powders) including lactose or sugar free versions, an airways mucus clearance device (the Flutter), and a sweat test system. Scandipharm does not sell directly to the public. Products can be ordered from any pharmacy. A free booklet (contains no prices) describing the products is available from Scandipharm on request.

Scandipharm’s address and phone numbers:

Scandipharm, Inc.22 Inverness Center Parkway Birmingham, AL 35242 Tele: 800-950-8085 or 205-991-8085 FAX: 205-991-9547 U.K. office: Tele: 01564 784 630 WWW Page: html