Scholorships for PWCF


Suggestions for identifying scholarships 1. Talk to the financial aid people at the school you want to attend. Many schools have scholarship monies which they don’t advertise (cuz that’s not their business), but which are available for different majors, or family circumstances. It never hurts to ask! Also, ask about work-study programs, where your tuition is paid in exchange for work on campus. Sometimes these require financial need, sometimes not.

2. Check out organizations in your community. Many offer scholarships for people entering professions which make up the organization, or which have something to do with the charitable goal of the group. While these scholarships may range from $100 to a few thousands (i.e., not enough to pay tuition), they certainly help out, especially if you are on a work-study program and need to buy those $75 books!

3. Check out a book in your local library called The Foundation Directory (and supplement) Foundation Center: New York, 1995. This yearly book lists every foundation in the US, public and private, what they give their money to, requirements, and often examples of grants/monies given last year. Many give individual scholarships, while others give scholarships direct to educational institutions. Some give student loans. Many of these are quite specific, as in scholarships for high school seniors from Delaware County, IN, or the Automotive Technician Scholarship from Fel-Pro. Others are linked to dependents of employees, or specific schools (students at U Minn Institute of Technology) or places (Cook County residents, residents of Windsor IL). There are scholarships for women returning to school after a certain number of years away, scholarships for Lutherans…you get the idea.

Creon Family Scholarship Program It is run by Solvay Pharmaceuticals. (5/97) Creon is Solvay’s competitor to McNeil’s Pancrease MT. They offer college scholarships to people with Cystic Fibrosis. Each recipient will receive a scholarship of $2000 for each year of matriculated study for up to 4 years. Applicants are required to submit an official transcript, an essay describing why they would be a good role model, a letter of recommendation, and a financial statement. All CFers who are high school/vocational school/college students or graduate students are eligible. Creon Family Scholarship Program Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 901 Sawyer Road Marietta, GA 30062 Phone:(770) 578-5898

The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Greater New York

(This is not the CF Foundation) is reported to sponsor $500 – $2000 scholarships for CFers paid directly to the school. One person reports: “I wrote a letter indicating my major, how it related to my career plans and I think I had a teacher send a letter of reference from my community college” Persons in the tri-state area may write for more information:Cystic Fibrosis Association of Greater New York 145 East 84th Street – Suite 7D New York, NY 10028

Vocational Rehabilitation

This is a program to facilitate the employment of physically disabled people administered by state governments which set their own rules and requirements (the program is reportedly funded through the U.S. Department of Labor). For information on your state program look in the phone book in the government agency section for the state (the blue pages in many books), look under “Health”, and somewhere under there should be something resembling “Rehabilitation” perhaps under a listing for Dept. of Health and Human Services. Most people report that if you qualify based on your income (and that of your parents if you live with them and are under age 24, according to some reports), they will pay UP TO the maximum amount for tuition at a state school in your state (you have to pick up the tab for books, housing, food, etc.). If you attend a private school or an out of state school, they will only pay up to the maximum amount for tuition at a state school in your state.

First person accounts:

When I went to college, 1981 to 1985, the Department of Rehabilitation paid for my tuition, because I could not work and go to school at the same time. A stamina issue.

I go part time to a state school (in Massachusetts), and live at home, and the MRC (vocational rehabilitation) gives me NADA! I am on SSI and get $400/month to live on, and school costs ~$2000.00/yr for me. They don’t care. I am almost 23 years old, but as long as I live with my parents, they say that my parents’ income (we’re lower middle class, making it, but not excessively) ought to be considered, and that they are responsible for contributing to the bulk of my schooling.

Will to Win
Is a program for scholar-athletes who have asthma.  Schering/Key “Will to Win” Asthma Athletes Scholarship AWARD: 1 – $10,000 scholarship 4 – $ 5,000 scholarships 5 – $ 1,000 scholarships TO STUDY: Any field of study. AT: Any accredited institution. OPEN TO: Asthmatic high school seniors who excel in athletics and are in good academic standing. Employees of Schering-Plough Corporation and their families are not eligible. 2,500 applied last year. SELECTION BASED ON: Outstanding athletic achievement, academic achievement, community and extracurricular activities, and leadership ability. DEADLINE: On or about April 30. PROCEDURE: 1. Request application form. 2. The application should be completed by the student; school principal, guidance counselor or physical education director or coach; personal physician; and parent/guardian. 3. Submit completed form, a typed letter of support from a teacher or an athletic coach of no more than one page, and an official transcript. Additional supporting material will be welcomed. Please do not send photographs. No material will be returned. CONTACT: Will-to-Win Scholarship Foundation 7300 Woolworth Avenue Omaha, NE 68124 (800) 558-7305

The Discover Card Youth Program
One person reports: “I think the people at Discover Card offer a good scholarship that may fit most CFers’ situations. It’s worth checking out”

From promotional literature: “The Discover Card Youth Program promotes excellence in young people today, preparing them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. One element of the program, the Tribute Award Scholarship Program, is designed to reward high school juniors who excel in areas beyond academics. Over 470 scholarships totaling more than $900,000 are awarded each year.”

When I first heard about their program, it seems they specifically targeted people who despite obstacles/adversity (read into that what you will…), still gave their best in whatever area. So all you CFers, LDers, ADDers, asthmatics, and other people with labels – go for it! (Doesn’t Coca-Cola also do a scholarship such as this?)

It doesn’t say HOW to apply or when deadlines are. Guess you’d contact your school’s counselor – or perhaps write to Discovercard  P. O. Box 1012

Greenwood, DE 19950-1012.