The Wheels of Time


The wheels of time keep turning, turning, turning the wheels of time keep turning around the clock. The wheels of time is the clock you see and I’ve got a far way to go before I reach my stop. Right now I’m still in my childhood any anyone could see.

Right now I just am plain old me better than I could be as far as I can see.

I’m not the smartest person but I do my best with the wheel I rest.

Right now in time, I’m still as a youth It seems to go so slow to the person it’s happening to.

I won’t stop forgetting what I’ve done as some things I can’t forgive. But that was in the past I can’t let it upset me I wasn’t mature then as I am now.

It’s times like this that I really like when I’m by myself I use the time wisely while I still have it.

As long as I can keep on going I just can’t stop. The wheels of time keep turning, turning around the clock.