Top 10 “Comebacks” When Asked about Your Cough


Originally published in NETWORK (July 1994) published by: CF  Network, Inc.P.O. Box 1179Broomfield, CO 80038-1179

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10.  REGRETFUL: “I use to smoke three packs a day and now I’m paying the price.”

9.   HOSTILE: “It’s asthma. And asking me about it makes it worse!”

8.   REBELLIOUS: “What are you, a doctor or something?”

7.   PERSISTENT: “It’s just the flu. It hasn’t gone away in *22 years.” (* or when you were diagnosed)

6.   AVOIDANCE: “Hey, how about this weather we’ve been having?”

5.   HISTORICAL: “Have you ever wondered who coughed first?”

4.   POLITICALLY CORRECT: “It’s a ‘sudden expiratory blast,’ thank you!”

3.   ENVIRONMENTAL: “I dunno. But it started at the same time the hole in the ozone appeared.”

2.   IN THE NEWS: “Have you heard about that terrible flesh-eating bacteria?”

And the number one “comeback” to use when asked about your cough rather than saying you have
CF: DENIAL: “Cough, what cough?”

Additions suggested by CYSTIC-L subscribers:

WORKOUT:  I used to work out, but now I just cough.

SCIENCE FICTION: Yes, there seems to be something wrong with this host body…