Alex: The Life of a Child


Alex: The Life of a Child: made-for-TV. Movie Length: 1 hour 35 minutes. 

Premiered 4/23/86 on ABC TV.

The story of Alex Deford, a young girl who lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) at the age of 8, has touched the hearts of millions and has helped to put a “face” to this disease. Alex’s courage and strength is a true inspiration, and in the decades since her death, much progress has been made in the fight against CF. This movie first aired on ABC television on April 23, 1986 and is based on the book by renowned sports writer Frank Deford, Alex’s father. Please be aware that this movie contains a sensitive subject matter and is not recommended for younger viewers. Please also remember that the life expectancy and quality of life of people with CF have greatly improved since this film was made.

Available from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which asks that requests be sent to the following address with a $12 donation: CF Foundation, National Office Attn: Communications Department 6931 Arlington Road Bethesda, MD 20814 or telephone (800) FIGHT CF.