Baboo's Patch


This unique device is intended to hold the ports of a central venous catheter. The patch is simply ironed-on the inside of any tee-shirt or shirt. It gives the patient the ability to move more freely, and will greatly minimize the chances for the catheter to become dislodged. Both regular and custom patches are availible … But its standard size is meant to work for adult and pediatric catheters.

The maker says “We owe this wonderful, very easy to use, and durable device, to a very special little boy, Anthony Duchesneau, nickname: Baboo. Our son.” “Baboo’s Patch was invented while Anthony was sick. Anyone with a catheter knows how annoying those lines can be. Most catheter lines are taped to the body, which ends up sticking too much and irritates the skin, or not sticking at all because of perspiration. Dislodgement of the catheter would mean unnecessary surgery. Anthony had enough to go through.” “Anthony would show it off at the hospitals and was so proud of it. He loved to hear compliments on it. Each of his tee-shirt had a patch iron-on and we knew we had done something special, cause he never got his catheter dislodged, and he was able to move around more freely.”

You receive three (3) standard patches per package for only $12.50 per package. HANDLING & SHIPPING IS FREE WITHIN THE USA (all patches will be sent “First Class Mail” within three days of orders). A flat-rate is applied for Canada and Europe (patches are sent “Global Priority Mail”). Patches can be customized with a variety of appliques for an additional $2 to $4 each.
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