Solessence BonBomb


The Seller writes: “Every October, just a few days are set aside for the general public to remember Cystic Fibrosis. Because I have the pleasure of knowing a wonderful friend who happens to have this disease, I think about it closer to 365 days. In honor of her success and diligence in fighting this good fight, and for everyone with CF, I am offering a special product for fundraising for the CF Foundation.

Through my bath product company, Solessence (, you can purchase a product that will benefit you and the organization. The ’65 Roses’ BonBomb is a fabulous bath treat! Fill the bath, settle in, drop it in, and your tub is filled with millions of tiny bubbles. Special oils are then dispersed, moisturizing your skin. As it dissolves, real rose petals are released to the surface of the waters for you to relax in pure luxury…

These items are handpressed using only pure and high quality essential oils and other ingredients. Each BonBomb runs USD$3.25, with a full $1.00 going directly to the CF Foundation. This is an easy way to pamper yourself and give to an organization that Smart Money magazine recognized as one that ‘won’t waste your money’.”

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