A Health Journal


This journal contains the following information: • Personal Information: Name, DOB, SS#, home phone, fax, address, emergency numbers. • Insurance Information • Doctor Phone List: Pediatrician, Dentist, Optometrist, ENT, General Practice, Specialty Doctors • Allergies: Drugs, food, insect, other • Immunization Record, Current Medication List, Height and Weight, Appointment Schedule, Vision Exam Information, Dental Exam Information • Illness Records: Symptoms, doctor called, drugs administered, doses. • Problem Plan Sheets: A plan set up by the user and the physician for emergency purposes • School Information: medications that they school may have, and their purpose, and doses, School Absences Records • Drug History, Injury Information and History, Surgical and Hospitalization History • Past Medical History, Times to Remember • Resource Lists, Online Resources, Notes

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