There's No Place Like Home


This journal contains the following information: • Personal Information: Name, DOB, SS#, address, employer information, spouse employer information, blood type, allergies, Insurance Information: Private, Medicaid, SSI, CIDC • Emergency Room Visits: Detailed recording of ER visits, tests performed, doctors seen, and results, as well as medications given. • Treatment and Procedures: T/P, reason, Doctor performing, hospital location, time of T/P, drugs administered, reactions, results, treatment plans • Surgical Sheets: Surgery performed, detailed description, time, doctors performing, anesthesiologist, medications given, reactions, results of surgery • Dressing Changes Information, X-ray Information, Blood tests, Dates to Remember • One Day at a Time Pages: These pages offer the opportunity for detailed journal pages concerning daily life in the hospital. What doctors said, meds given, therapies performed, procedures done, results, diet, are all issues covered in detail. There are 26 days for journaling information. • Hospital Stay Discharge Instructions: Detailed information regarding discharge instructions. • Child Care Information: To record the childcare plan for a sibling of a patient, or child of a patient. Includes, phone numbers for providers, and cost information as well as a discussion section for issues you would like to cover with that child care provider • Doctor Phone List, Resource Phone List, Online Resource, Family and Friends Phone List, Contact Log, Notes

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