Mackenzie Bean Bag Doll


Save the Children offers a line of bean bag dolls through their online gift shop. The Mackenzie Bean Bag Doll is reported by a parent to come with a card that says:
“Hi! My name is Mackenzie. It means a child of “wise leader”. I am part Irish and my Dad says that’s why I like to sing. I am 7 years old and live in New Jersey near the ocean. I have trouble breathing sometimes. Mom says I have something called cystic fibrosis and that I am very special. She says we are blessed because of all the love around us. I think she says that because my two brothers and my godmother and my aunts are always at out house. We always have a lot of fun. I love to eat orange sherbert and paint pictures at home. Someday I’d like to be an artist.”

The Mackenzie Bean Bag Doll is $3.95 (was $7.00). Save the Children says “On average, 50% of the retail sale price of the product featured in this catalog benefits Save the Children. No portion of the purchase price of these products is tax-deductible.”
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