CF Portraits Calendar


CF ‘Portraits’ Calendar

The seller writes: “It’s official.  The CF Calendars for 2004 are in and I am taking orders. For those of you who already sent checks, I will be mailing them out.”

For anyone who may not know about the CF Calendar, allow me to tell you a little about it. I put together a 12 month calendar that features a person with cf on every month, with a little story about them. I decided to put this calendar together after seeing someone else’s calendar from the year before. The photos are snapshots from everyday life and are not professional poses. The calendar is in black and white. The purpose is to raise awareness and funds for CF. All proceeds are going to CFAM – Cystic Fibrosis Association of Missouri. The cost of each calendar is $10.00. I will be paying for the S&H.

Caution! – may no longer be available; seller has not responded to emails recently.

If you would like a calendar please make checks or money orders to:

Nicole Wilson 402 Yale Street Mexico, MO 65265$10.00 each, all proceeds benefit CFAM

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