Sammie's Tops


Wear a Hickman Catheter with no more tears from tape problems!!! The maker says this about her granddaughter (a pediatric cancer patient): “A Hickman catheter was inserted in her chest for her medication. Last year, the problem of taping up the capped tube, so it would not hang down, resulted in skin irritation and many tears. After watching the tedious removal of the tape and the flow of the tears, I knew there had to be a simple solution to the problem. After some careful thought, and some trial and error, I devised a shirt that will hold the dangling tube. Initially, Samantha had only one tube and the apparatus worked wonderfully. This year, Sam has a double tube and the closure is holding both tubes without any trouble. The name “Sammie’s Tops” was chosen in honor of my granddaughter.”

Availible in five children’s sizes and a number of prints and plain white, the tops are made from pre-washed cotton and sell for only $7.00 each (plus $1.00 shipping per shirt). Three adult sizes are availible in plain white at $10 each (plus $1.00 shipping per shirt). To use: open closure by pulling back the ring. Place the Hickman Catheter tube vertically on the strip. Seal closure tightly on both sides of the tube; no more tears!.
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