Wash Hands Button


In a study* reported and discussed on Cystic-L, handwashing by healthcare workers increased on average 50% when patients asked “Did you wash your hands?”    However some patients were reluctant to ask their doctors.   Just wear this 2 inch in diameter button and help caregivers remember to keep PWCF safe!    Each button is accompanied by a half-page flyer about the button, including a brief abstract of the study.

Produced by Cystic-L, and distributed by Grandmom Bev, single buttons are yours for the asking.   Email your postal address and request to Grandmom Bev at [email protected]


Bulk quantities for distribution to support groups, clinics, or other groups of CFers and their caregivers, are available for 40 cents apiece within the United States.   Send your check and the details of your need (number of buttons, postal address, and if the flyers are wanted) to: Ron Trueworthy, 4608 North 2nd Road, Arlington, VA 22203.   For costs to send buttons outside the United States, or for questions about the buttons, you may email this address: [email protected]


*Evaluation of a patient-empowering hand hygiene programme in the UK by M. McGuckin, R. Waterman, J. Storr, I.C.J.W. Bowler, M. Ashby, K. Topley, L. Porten, Journal of Hospital Infection, p 222-227, Volume 48, Number 3, July 2001
Abstract Summary Thirty-nine patients in Oxford, UK agreed to participate in the programme by asking all healthcare workers who were going to have direct contact with them “Did you wash your hands?”. Compliance with the programme was measured through soap/alcohol usage and handwashings per bed day before and after its introduction. Handwashing by healthcare workers increased on average 50%. Sixty-two percent of patients in study felt at ease when asking healthcare workers “Did you wash your hands?” Seventy-eight percent received a positive response (washed hands). All patients asked nurses, but only 35% asked physicians. This programme empowers patients with responsibility for their care, provides infection control staff with a continuing means for providing handwashing education without additional staff and can save costs for a hospital.
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