The Dowden's Story


The Plummer-Vitale’s Story

My son, Jim, is 33 years old and does not have CF. He is a police officer. He is my only child. My daughter-in-law, Julie, was tested before Arianna was born and found to not be a carrier.

My husband, Mark and I just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. He is a retired police lieutenant.

I work part time (flex hours) as Program Director for a police department’s victim advocacy program. I am blessed to be able to work when I am feeling
well and have time off when it is necessary. I have a staff of four advocates who, like me, are on-call for crisis intervention. It’s difficult but very rewarding work. Since I have worked for the department for over 12 years, they are very understanding about my health issues.

— By Susan Plummer-Vitale in August, 2003