The Burroughs's Story


The Burroughs’s Story

I adopted Leah when I was 34 years old. I had been married for 6 years. I wanted to have children since I was a teenager. But of course, I needed a husband. I married when I was 28. My doctor advised against having my own children but I was stubborn. I pursued it anyway. I found out that my fallopian tubes were blocked and the only way to have my own biological child was to have surgery. We felt that if it could not be done naturally then God was telling us something.

I love my adopted daughter just like she was my own. It has not bothered me for one day that she is not my biological child. She even looks like a cross between me and my husband. My husband has black hair and green eyes, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and our daughter has brown eyes and blonde hair.

We love her so very very much.

Because of my daughter, I am now listed for a double lung transplant and the transplant could happen at any time. I am going for this option because I want to do everything possible to give myself hope that I will be here to see my daughter grow up. I am not sure I would do the lung transplant if I did not have her. So.. she has had an impact on my life.

— Submitted by Susan in December, 1999