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CYSTIC-L is a free email service dedicated to the exchange of information and support specific to cystic fibrosis. Since 1994, CYSTIC-L has been sharing both casual banter about the varied impact that CF has on our lives, as well as technical and medical information exchanges that help us to overcome the more unpleasant factors that this silly little gene imposes upon us. There are over 600 list subscribers sending a total of around 20-60 messages per day; a digest option is available which compiles messages and distributes them periodically during the day. Members include people with CF and those who share their lives: medical professionals, scientists, researchers, parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, friends and significant others.

To give us a try send the following line in the *body* of an email to [email protected]

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Note: Listserv will send you a confirmation request for every command you send to it. Your command will not take effect unless you respond to the confirmation request (so be sure to wait a couple of minutes to receive and respond to the confirmation request).


Ok, so now you know about the vibrant on-line community available on the Cystic-L mailing list. But are you taking advantage of the OTHER FREE BENEFITS available to Cystic-L subscribers? Are you using *these* resources:

   The Cystic-L Archives – all messages from our beginning in 1994 right up to the message distributed just a second ago! Sure, you can browse the messages chronologically by date, but why not use the powerful search engine? Searches can easily be made not only on keywords in the body of messages, but also on address of sender; before, after, or between specified dates; keywords in the Subject line of messages — or any combination of these items!!!!

   The Cystic-L Handbook – a HUGE amount of information distilled from Cystic-L posts, arranged by subject. Not only medical stuff, but how-to tips, CF humor, and lots of pointers to additional sources of information. Don’t stop at the first Table of Contents – keep drilling down, this is a very DEEP well of material!

   The CF Shop – CF-related merchandise (no, not medicines and equipment!) – it shows you what’s available and where to get it. The bookstore in the CF Shop contains the largest list of CF books anywhere (some with reviews/comments by Cystic-L subscribers, some written by Cystic-L subscribers).

   The Cystic-L Photo Archives – 3 main sections: the largest section called “CF Community”, “Parents With CF” (that’s right — they have CF *and* they have children!), and “Memorials to Those We’ve Lost”. Be sure to click on the thumbnail photos to see larger photos and more details about the person!

   Want Research News? How about constantly updated newswire stories about CF? Or maybe you want cystic fibrosis news from current medical and healthcare journals? You can get it all with a click!

Entrance to each of these resources (and more!) is available with a single click on the Cystic-L homepage. How do you get to the homepage? Just click on HOME on the left navigation bar and you’re there!