Amber Baker


Expected breakthrough

– There are new therapies and opportunities. We are on the eve of a major change in the way we think about cystic fibrosis. The time of the pandemic has shown the whole society what life is like under a sanitary regime. Many of us have had to change our habits. For most of our wards, masks and frequent hand sanitization are a long-standing norm. Patients have weakened immunity, are extremely susceptible to bacteria and infections. Me and my family have been living under this regime for 10 years. We wear masks wherever there is a threat-expert.

Difficult moments

– From my point of view, the most difficult is the moment when the child begins to ask questions. He wants to know why he cannot play like his peers and why he has to undergo physiotherapy, take medication and remember to inhale several times a day. It is important to try to live as normal as possible-says the expert. – It should also be noted that infections and hospital stays disqualify such people in their professional lives. Due to absences, children give up going to school and go to study at home. Even experienced, promising employees can not find a job for a long time. Employers do not accept their indisposition-adds the expert.


Amber Baker
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

pwcf (born 1983)
Amber’s mom is Tanya Baker


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