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Much of the information on on CYSTIC-L was written by ordinary people around the world who either have Cystic Fibrosis or care about someone who does.  The vast majority of information you will find here was not written by either doctors or researchers in the area of Cystic Fibrosis.

This being the case, NOTHING ON CYSTIC-L CAN BE CONSIDERED “MEDICAL  ADVICE.” Such advice can only be only be given by a physician who is  experienced with cystic fibrosis.

By joining CYSTIC-L, or by accessing  CYSTIC-L information resources, you agree to save the following people and  groups harmless for any damage which may result from using the information  provided by or through CYSTIC-L: the authors of the messages  distributed by CYSTIC-L, the CYSTIC-L “housekeeper”, who is the list-owner/administrator/manager of CYSTIC-L, L-Soft International Inc., and all other persons and  groups providing administrative or other support to CYSTIC-L.

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