Dr. Gina DeSanto


The thick secretions from the disease also block the pathways that carry pancreatic enzymes into the intestines. Stagnation of pancreatic juice is associated with inflammation, decay and fibrosis of the glandular cells of the pancreas, as well as endocrine insufficiency of this organ. Over time, you may develop diabetes. In cystic fibrosis, changes also include the liver, where foci of fatness are formed and partial cirrhosis occurs. Every 10. the patient suffers from gallstone disease.

Abnormalities also affect the reproductive system-they can contribute to infertility in women, while in men they lead to impaired fertility and inhibition of the development of the spermatic cord.

Exacerbations in the course of cystic fibrosis are manifested by m.in. increased cough with more secretions, increased dyspnoea and fever. Sputum examination usually confirms the presence of new pathogens, the progression of lesions can also be seen in other studies (e.g. spirometry, radiology, auscultation).


Dr. Gina DeSanto
Austin, Texas, USA

pwcf (born 1967)


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