Sarah Guessford


Spirometry in the panel of a subject with cystic fibrosis
We test for you new solutions in the panel of the foundation’s ward breath of life (still invisible to you). We are working on integrating the panel with Portable Spirometers. Data can be stored and shared with e.g. a doctor.

Below is a panel in a new, tested version and a portable spirometer used for testing the platform. The new panel as part of the tests will be made available to other people, it is not yet available to every ward.

It is based on a single gene mutation, a disease with an autosomal recessive type of inheritance. This means that non-sick parents (carriers) can have sick offspring if each of them passes one copy of the defective gene to the child (the probability is 25 percent).). Parents-carriers of the mutated gene-have a second copy of the gene correct, so they do not show the disease.


Sarah Guessford
Townsend, Delaware, USA

pwcf (born 1998), daughter of Alan and Kristen Guessford, sister of Kaitlyn and Kari


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