Seth Melde


Cystic fibrosis mainly affects the respiratory and digestive systems. On the part of the respiratory system there is a characteristic secretion, which is very difficult to expectorate during coughing, it remains in the respiratory tract, being an excellent medium for bacteria. Often you can also meet: nasal polyps, purulent rhinitis, chronic sinusitis. Advanced forms of the disease include shortness of breath and haemoptysis and symptoms of chronic hypoxia (e.g. cyanosis).

The variety of rehabilitation equipment that helps with cystic fibrosis is very large: the most recommended and used are those that use increased variable exhaust pressure such as flutter, acapella, Cornet. They are one of the more effective methods of removing thick, sticky discharge from the respiratory tract. Positive reviews also have a mask Pep (positive expiratory presure), thera Pep, Pari pep, which combines inhalation with exercise. An effective technique is autogenous drainage or so-called compression vest.

Seth Melde

Seth Melde
LaCrosse, Wisconsin, USA

Seth (pwcf; born 1990) on left,
and brother Justin on right (nocf; born 1989)
sons of Joni Nixon Melde
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