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What “treatments” in the diet formulated by a nutritionist nutrition plans can increase the energy of the diet?

  • fat added to vegetables, cereals, potatoes, pasta, in the form of butter or vegetable oils
  • inclusion of the addition of mayonnaise in prepared salads, waffles or sandwiches
  • do not be afraid to add fatty cream to soups, sauces, one-pot dishes
  • to include in the diet primarily full-fat products (cheese, milk, kefir, buttermilk)
  • in salads, sauces or soups you can add fatty yellow cheese.

A large group of doctors recommend the inclusion of high-energy foods in the patient’s diet. However, if the proposed nutrition plan, despite the efforts of the patient, does not bring the expected health effects, and in addition, signs of malnutrition develop, the need for pre-and post-elite nutrition should be considered together with the doctor.

Tammy Meadows

Tammy Meadows
Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Tammy, Morgan (pwcf) and Destany Meadows


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