Tips – Addresses


Two addresses are needed to successfully use the CYSTIC-L mailing list. One address is for commands (computer talk for the few special words the stupid computer can understand) to the Listserv to subscribe you or unsubscribe you, to set your subscription options (DIGEST, INDEX, etc.), send you documents (copies of emails), and other administrative tasks. The other address is for messages you want to send to the subscribers to CYSTIC-L.

Commands always go to: [email protected]

Messages for CYSTIC-L subscribers always go to: [email protected]


1. When sending commands to manage your CYSTIC-L subscription, put them in the *body* of an email message, and make certain they go to this address (they will have no effect otherwise): [email protected]

2. Listserv will send you a confirmation request for every command you send to it. Your command will not take effect unless you respond to the confirmation request (so be sure to wait a couple of minutes to receive and respond to the confirmation request).