Tips – Looking Up Old Messages


To access the archives by date send the following command to [email protected] and follow the instructions you receive via return email.


To search the archives by keyword, (suppose you wanted to read all the posts about l-arginine), send the following command to:

[email protected]

      SEARCH CYSTIC-L l-arginine

You will receive an email back listing each message that contains “l-arginine”. Each message will have a unique number associated with it, and a brief excerpt showing the context of “l-arginine” in the message. This return email will also contain an instruction on ordering a copy of each full message you want to read (e.g., “To order a copy of these postings, send the following command:


Simply send the GETPOST command containing the numbers of the messages you want to: [email protected] and you will receive the full message(s) by return email.

To receive an email explaining advanced search terms and techniques, send the command


to: [email protected] 


1. When sending commands to manage your CYSTIC-L subscription, put them in the *body* of an email message, and make certain they go to this address (they will have no effect otherwise): [email protected]

2. Listserv will send you a confirmation request for every command you send to it. Your command will not take effect unless you respond to the confirmation request (so be sure to wait a couple of minutes to receive and respond to the confirmation request).