Tips – Reading Missed Mail


First get a list (“index”) of the weekly CYSTIC-L collections of messages (“logs”) by sending the following command to:
[email protected]


Then retrieve the log you want by sending the following command to [email protected] GET CYSTIC-L LOGYYMMA where “YYMM” corresponds to the year and month of the log and “A” indicates the first week of the month, “B” indicates the second week of the month, and so on. For instance, if you wanted the log for the third week of May, 1997, you would type:


You can send several GET commands in the same message, as long as you put each new command on a separate line. NOTE: There is no space between LOG and the YYMMA!

Some mail accounts impose a limit on the size of messages that can be received (e.g., JUNO rejects messages larger than 61k). To get the log broken down into a series of messages that will meet your limit, send this GET message instead (you may substitute any value for “55”):

      GET CYSTIC-L LOG9705C split=55k


1. When sending commands to manage your CYSTIC-L subscription, put them in the *body* of an email message, and make certain they go to this address (they will have no effect otherwise): [email protected]

2. Listserv will send you a confirmation request for every command you send to it. Your command will not take effect unless you respond to the confirmation request (so be sure to wait a couple of minutes to receive and respond to the confirmation request).