Whitney Messier


The overproduction of sticky mucus in the upper respiratory tract clogs the mouths of the sinuses and contributes to inflammation. In a significant group of patients with cystic fibrosis, polyps are found in the nose. In addition, secretions from the nose and throat contribute to the development of bronchitis and pneumonia.

Respiratory signs include cough (usually the first symptom), accompanied by expectoration of thick, purulent discharge, hemoptysis, dyspnoea (first after exertion, later also at rest) and persistent, purulent rhinitis with impaired flow.

Changes in the respiratory system and chronic colonization by aggressive pathogens lead to the gradual destruction of the bronchi, the seizure of the pulp of the lungs, and, consequently, to respiratory failure.

Whitney Messier

Whitney Messier
Old Town, Maine, USA

pwcf (born 1988)
daughter of Heidi
and sister of Tommy and Shea


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